Separation Anxiety driving me mad!

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kirstywursty012 Mon 25-Nov-19 17:43:42

So I’m not dealing with the normal kind. 10 mo DD loves going to her Nanny’s for the afternoon and naps well. It’s just when she’s awake and just me and her at home, the second I leave the room, she goes BALLISTIC! This eve, I brought her into the kitchen so she could watch me make her dinner, she went ballistic because she saw food and couldn’t eat it.

I tried giving her bits of potato and peas to
occupy her but she eats them really quickly and just starts wailing again. I’m desperately trying to cool things down and by the time she does have her dinner, I’m a shaking wreck wondering why I had a baby??

I really would like to leave her in her pen so I can quickly hoover upstairs (hasn’t been done in WEEKS!)

Will this pass??? It’s been going on since she was 8 months old. It’s only really annoying me now because I’m trying to give her proper meals instead of purées in the evenings and she just won’t let me leave the room to cook.

Any wisdom mummies?

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