Is it just terrible twos?

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oscarsmummy2017 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:17:49

So my little boy has always been 'his way or no way', extreme tantrums, hitting and pushing and just complete uncontrollable screaming fits!!! I have tried everything I've seen recommended and he just ignores everything I've tried. The childminder has also picked up on it too and has recommended I should possibly talk to my health visitor about his behaviour, he is becoming a lot worse and I don't want my child being branded as 'that naughty kid'.
I dread taking him in public as he has major meltdowns, many of times I've just broken down in the supermarket as I just want to scream the place down..
He is currently taking montelukast which I have read can cause behaviour changes has anybody else seen this in their children?

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NoKnit Thu 21-Nov-19 20:56:37

Hmmmm the only public place I took my 2 year old to was park or playground - supermarket, no chance they have no interest in being there so why bother putting yourself through it? I think he sounds normal, 2 year olds just want to run around and don't understand anything else. Don't let him be labelled as naughty am sure your little boy is totally normal and fine. He won't study this way forever they all grow up

surreygirl1987 Thu 21-Nov-19 21:12:10

I see two year olds having major tantrums and screaming fits in supermarkets all the time. They literally lie on the floor and scream and scream. I thought this was normal for this age? My one year old already exhibits this sortnof behaviour although luckily at the moment he enjoys the supermarket - and I thought he was just on the more demanding side?

AladdinMum Fri 22-Nov-19 14:16:44

Ho old is he exactly? and how is his communication? terrible two's are normally associated with a child entering a stage where their thoughts and wants become more complex that their ability to express them leading to frustration. Before it happen, are you able to see what triggers the tantrum?

oscarsmummy2017 Fri 22-Nov-19 15:05:49

Aladdinmum he's 2 on 2nd December, not really saying much, 'mama, dada, nana, dinosaur, horse and NO' he doesn't show any signs, one minute he will be happy playing the next he's like something from a horror film screaming the place down over nothing. He won't accept praises and doesn't like any sort of affection.. always wanting attention then when you try and give him he doesn't accept it!!

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AladdinMum Fri 22-Nov-19 15:32:09

By communication I didn't mean language. The typical 2YR old has on average between 100-200 words in it's vocabulary yet 90% of their communication is non-verbal through the use of gestures. By 2YR old they would normally have a rich set of gestures that they would use to express wants, interests, seek praise, re-direct attention, etc. Example of gestures include pointing to request and share interests, the use of eye contact to express intent, the use of sounds and gestures to re-direct attention to where they want you to look, etc. A 2YR year would usually use these gestures to tell you what they want; whether that is something from a shelf that they can't reach, or that they need a nappy change, or that they are hungry, etc and to grab your attention and make you look at things that they want you to look at. When they are unable to do this it could lead to frustration. Would you say that your child is on track with gestures? Or maybe the supermarket is too bright and noisy? is it generally around busy environments that tantrums occur?

Redcarandthebluecarhadarace Sat 23-Nov-19 19:54:09

I swear my 2 year old was the same. He's nearly three now and every time his language improves, his behaviour also improves. He's far from perfect and I do still feel like he's the naughty kid a lot of the time but I try to stay firm and consistent with him and remind myself that there have been improvements.

oscarsmummy2017 Sun 24-Nov-19 07:04:15

I have stopped the montelukast on drs advice and his behaviour has massively improved, he's now seems like the average 2yearold!! I will definitely be looking for an alternative as it was actually contradicting itself too so to me seems pointless!! Thanks for you comments smile

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