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Scrivs17 Wed 20-Nov-19 12:29:35

How do you deal with and aggressive toddler ? The things I've tried is - Ive out him on the chill out step , move away from him .put him apart from me . I've raised my voice but nothing seems to be working . I have a chronic pain condition , he can become aggressive kicking me in the chest , pinching my face etc . This pain can throb for hours after. It can be a shock and sometimes your instant reaction is to push out but obviously I cant do that with a small child . I know sometimes he does it because he is tired but as a typical toddler he fights it his nap . Other times it can be when we are having a cuddle or changing his nappy he will start kicking me in the chest . He only seems to be doing this to me . His father doesn't live with us . Please help !

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sevens7 Sat 23-Nov-19 22:24:08

Hi, i can only offer my life experience some of which is working with autistic children. These children are much older than you child but they are all non verbal. One in particular would kick, spit, bite, scream, punch etc. These children get most of their cues from vision and tone of voice.
I would never shout/scream but laughed, smiled, played, chatted so when I had to frown with a firm, "no kicking," (with a hand up) it made my frown more effective. You can't discipline more if you don't love more. Discipline doesn't start with a frown it starts with smile. It took a few weeks but I control this behaviour eventually.
I'm not suggesting your child is autistic but I hope you can focus on my technique. Well nobody else has written anything.
Good luck

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