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10 mth old is SO clingy & wingy...I can't do anything!

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sweetboy Mon 20-Aug-07 12:19:03

He's not teething right now...he just seems less able to entertain himself than previously and cries & winges a lot (feels like NON stop!!) and wants to be not just in the same room as me or the vicinty but RIGHT with me all the time (crying when put down etc) Crying when he can see me but can't get to me (e.g behind a stair gate in the kitchen)

he also doesn't seem as bad when we're out & about.
I did have the loan a good book on "fussy phases" called "Wonder Weeks" ...anyone know this book or have other suggestions?

Nip Mon 20-Aug-07 12:24:17

I dont have a book but just wanted to say that my DS goes thru stages of this (in fact its nearly all the time i spend with him). So your not alone.
I try to keep him happy, tell him if i'm walking out the room and offer him my hand to walk with me.
I'm sure i read somewhere that this is part of development etc..

TartWithAHeart Mon 20-Aug-07 12:38:52

He loves you. You are the centre of his universe. My DS was exactly the same and now aged 3.10 STILL wants me to play with him all the time.
It is hard and stressful (I was actually studying when my DS was going through the phase yours is). I spent many an afternoon, typing 3,000 word essays with one hand, holding DS with the other.
I found that taking him into town or the park helped too. That gives you space and lets him look around. I also sang to him a lot when I couldn't pick him up and when I was cooking sat him in his highchair facing me and sang and talked to him. He used to like the nursery rhyme music CD's.
I say forget books - just engage with your son as the unique individual he is. He is trying to engage with you in the only way he knows how.
My DS is now a lovely chatty confident intelligent 3.10 year old but like I said he is still clingy for my attention. I just think there will come a time when they will be so not interested in spending time with us, so use this time to build a closeness between you and your son.

florencemum Mon 20-Aug-07 12:40:26

both my dds were like this for about 2.5 months around when they were 9 months old. then it passed...

mummymagic Mon 20-Aug-07 12:40:47

Dd is 16mths and has days when she is like this or phases. I just indulge it tbh and spend the day cuddling her - giving her opportunities to be alone and happy but just going with it.

We all have off days.

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