Separation anxiety night time

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Loulou85x Fri 15-Nov-19 20:13:55

Hi everyone. I am hoping for some help and advice. I am still BF my daughter and she is 11 months old. She's always been good at going down in her cot after milk. She started nursery 2 x days a week 6 weeks ago. Two weeks ago she had a viral and was very poorly, ever since then she has bad separation anxiety to me. When I put her down she cries or walks out of the room. She is waking up everyone couple fo
Hours inconsolable and the minute I hug her falling back asleep, but then waking up when trying to put her down. I did feed her to sleep but been consciously not doing this last few days. I'm unsure what to do to try and fix as she isn't getting any good rest and neither are we. Our parents think she is 'mard' and we should let her cry it out. I tried this for about 4 x mins and she cried so much she was sick in her cot.

Do I get a sleep therapist? Is it sleep or separation anxiety in general? Any books people recommend? Tips? confusedconfused xxx

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