Advice needed!! Split parent discipline

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April45 Thu 14-Nov-19 06:40:11

I think it's very difficult for a child to live between two sets of rules, especially when he alternates every other day. Can you try and find some common ground on rules like bedtime, electronic use, homework etc so he has more consistency.

Adm3000 Tue 12-Nov-19 22:57:56

My 6 year old is acting up, it's hard for me to say how much as I have him every other day and he isnt that bad for me he has his mood swings now and again but I generally put a stop to it fairly quick with time out until he calms down.

He acts up quite alot at home apparently and I always sit him down on my days with him if I hear he has been naughty at home and explain that I wont put up with it and there will be consequences when he is with me, such as no computer for a week or no playing out. Other than that I am out of options on what i could do.

Now i am being dictated to by his mother on what he is and isnt allowed to do when he is with me, I understand maybe a temporary consequence when he is with me if she asks until his attitude improves. She wont listen and all of a sudden she is "just doing this all on her own".

We split 2 years ago and as far as he knows I am the one who left so I have to be the bad guy for now and the bad guy again for not punishing my son when he is good with me.

Just to make it clear I have nothing against his mother, I wouldn't ever say a bad word about her. The majority of the time she is an amazing mother and to me that's all that matters now but this whole thing seems unreasonable.

Am I wrong?? Should I be doing everything she asks even when I think she is wrong??

I honestly need an outside opinion

Thanks in advance

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