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FlameBoy is a BOY rather than a baby... when did that happen?!

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FlameBatfink Sun 19-Aug-07 12:30:43

He has been getting progressively boylike for the last couple of months, but last night DH told him to come out and give mummy a kiss before bed, and get bottle... and he came out kissing lots, waited for the bottle, then trundled off to bed.

This morning I gave him 2 biscuits and told him to give one to FlameChick (fully expecting him to shove both in his mouth) - he wandered across the room and gave her her biscuit, and said "Da" when she took it

(How has he started saying "Ta" when we only say "thank you" to him?? )

Desiderata Sun 19-Aug-07 12:33:52

That's how children learn to speak, Flame. You can lose the long words as much as you like, but in the short-term, whilst they're getting to grips with it all, they'll shorten them!

Yes, my little boy's certainly no baby any more. He'll be three in November ... he just looks so grown up!

Nemo2007 Sun 19-Aug-07 12:34:28

ITs weird isnt it
DD1 is such a little girl now!!!
As for the 'TA' thing I have no idea as both ds and dd1 did that. Now DD1 says fank uoooooo

FlameBatfink Sun 19-Aug-07 12:39:03

I suppose where everyone insisted on saying Ta to the chick, I just assumed it was copying.

This time I got arsey and people seem to realise that I hate adults saying it I have no issue with children saying it naturally, just things like "Ta pen" rather than "Please give me the pen" (which he is perfectly capable of understanding).

My two are suddenly looking very similar too - it must have been this age that DD started to morph into me as a child (they both came out looking the image of their daddy).

Oooh, he has also worked out that looking cute gets him out of trouble . Taken a liking to standing on his chair during dinner - if you tell him to sit down he looks round at the walls and ceiling with a very deliberate "I'm not doing anything, you can't see me" expression on his face.

I have to leave the room to be angry

GodzillasBumcheek Sun 19-Aug-07 12:43:19

He sounds very cute! And i agree on baby talk constantly, how can baby dd learn to speak properly if i am only using the baby words for things? I also hated teletubbies for that when the dtds were tiny. In The Night Garden is a bit similar, sorry!

FlameBatfink Sun 19-Aug-07 12:44:23

I like ITNG but not for language!

GodzillasBumcheek Sun 19-Aug-07 12:47:19

There i think we will have to agree to didn't impress dd either. Not that telly does yet anyway. Except Jakers, she likes that

FlameBatfink Sun 19-Aug-07 12:49:15

Both of mine sit in a trance with it

GodzillasBumcheek Sun 19-Aug-07 12:53:13

I don't know why but dd really can't be bothered with telly. Is she too young at 8 months do you think?

FlameBatfink Sun 19-Aug-07 13:02:43

DD was glued from 6 weeks, but DS has only recently noticed it.

GodzillasBumcheek Sun 19-Aug-07 13:03:26

How old is ds? I will look at your profile if you have one...

GodzillasBumcheek Sun 19-Aug-07 13:06:14

Mmm...4? That's quite good going then to have not noticed the tv! I noticed on your profile that you have good taste in music and films and books (ie alot of the ones i like too!).

FlameBatfink Sun 19-Aug-07 13:21:49

Lol - DD is the 4 year old, DS is not quite 18 months

@ good taste in tv and music - I agree! We can split Johnny and Orlando nice n amicably, and listen to some Tenacious D at the same time!

GodzillasBumcheek Sun 19-Aug-07 13:53:28

Lol @ mix up...i was too interested in your taste in films etc

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