Advanced 22-month-old?

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rfletch31 Tue 12-Nov-19 14:17:39

Hi all - first time poster!

Our 22-month-old, going on 23 months, is fairly advanced for his age and we'd love some suggestions as to how we can encourage his learning.

He can recite the whole alphabet, knows each individual letter by sight, can go from 1-20 and down again, and can identify all numbers between one and 20 (with the odd 40, 50, 60 etc thrown in).

He's also taken to spelling things out - such as words on a t-shirt or a street sign, as well as knowing what letter some words begin with. He's super enthusiastic about 'e' and 'eighteen' in particular!

How can we encourage him develop more and challenge his brain. Look forward to hearing from you all!

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soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Nov-19 16:24:27

Hi @rfletch31 just bumping this for you and hopefully some Mumsnetters will be along soon with advice flowers

KW89 Fri 27-Dec-19 23:31:19

Sounds very much like my eldest was at that age, he is 6 now, and around 2 years ahead in school. We think he has a photographic memory, by 2 he could also direct me in the car from my house to his Nanas (about a 20min drive) his teacher has told us that she only has to show him something once and he's got it.

He use to have one of those foam letter mats on the floor and he'd pull the letters out and I'd say the sound, and by 18 months he knew them all and was sounding out CVC words by 2. He liked me using bath crayons to write words in the bath for him to sound out, and I'd point out numbers on doors or buses when we were out and ask him if they were odd or even or what did they make if you add them together etc, you can turn anything into a game!
All 3 of my boys are bookworms, my youngest has just turned 2, and he must bring me 5-10 books a day to read to him, point out all the things in the pictures, get him to find things on the pages.
Go for colour/shape hunts around the house/park etc.
Once he could talk properly he was very inquisitive, wanting to know how everything worked and what things were for, and we'd answer everything he asked, sometimes with the help of Google!

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