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8 month old curved spine - won’t sit?

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Moonshine160 Mon 11-Nov-19 10:01:20

I don’t know if this is just ‘milestone anxiety’ or not but my DS is 8 months in a few days and can’t sit independently. He can sit with support and can sit between my legs and hold himself steady but gets fed up and wriggles after a while. If I try and get him to sit on his own by leaning forward towards a toy he just flops over. He only mastered rolling from his front to his back at 7 months and can’t roll from his back to his front, but seems quite close to doing so. The reason I’m worried is because most babies can sit independently at 8 months, and DS also has a curved spine. We were paying to see an osteopath who said that he was ‘that wonky’ that he would struggle to sit independently in his current state (however this was said when he was 4 months old). He has been under the care of a paediatrician at the hospital who has done x-rays and has said that although his spine has a slight curve there is no abnormality and it won’t require any treatment. I have asked him whether this may affect his ability to sit on his own and he said no, it won’t have any bearing on his physical development. This contradicts what the osteopath told us and I’m so worried that there is a physical reason as to why he can’t sit on his own. He isn’t even close to doing so, he just flops. Has anyone been in the same position before or had a baby who took a while to sit independently?

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