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Horrid crying fits at 3.30pm???

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chocbutton Sun 19-Aug-07 00:33:34

My DS (nearly 8 mths) has just started having horrendous crying fits that all start about 3.30pm - what is that all about? Don't know why this is happening, as nothing else happens to upset him. Sometimes coincides with him waking up from a nap, but not always. Been happening for a week now,and if I use all my best mummy tricks I can get him to smile and laugh, but only for a second and then he cries again . So, if he is not wet, dirty, tired or hungry (try to BF him but he turns away )what is going on? Lasts for a couple of hours at least and is really upsetting to see him so sad
Anyone else had this problem? Will it go away again? The rest of time he is a really smiley laughing little man......

quokka Sun 19-Aug-07 02:34:28

could be hes having trouble digesting food during the night. Both my 2 went through the same thing. I massage their tummies before bed with an aromatherapy blend. You do need to use the correct massage method - have you done baby massage or know of an aromatherapist?

PrettyCandles Sun 19-Aug-07 07:07:29

Tiredness? All 3 of mine were likely to be miserable if their afternoon nap was late. 3.30 seemed to be the cut-off point - best for them to nap 12.30- 2.30. Very ditinct diffrence between wqaking from a nap at 2.30 (bouncy and cheery) or at 3.30 (grumpy and unc-operative, which often set the pattern for the rest of the day).

chocbutton Sun 19-Aug-07 19:33:03

PrettyCandles, might be tiredness, just doesn't seem to be a pattern there.Grumpy and un-cooperative sounds familiar though, so might try getting him to nap earlier!
Quokka, only happening in daytime, but I did wonder if it was his lunch - he has it around 12-1pm, but again, no pattern.
Thanks for your replies

helnhay Sun 19-Aug-07 22:51:46

my little boy had problems upon waking I tried everything until I figured out that it started when weaning .. What is he eating at lunch time? you may have introduced something that his tummy has problems coping with.......otherwise and this is a wierd one does his tummy feel swollen? My little one had loads of problems after lunch ( when I had tried something new) with trapped wind, my sister in law showed me..remove nappy and cicle hips and wait for it massage bottom cheeks with thumb my little boy would relax and release the wind and would be much happier after.

Hope this helps it did with me, I think they have to learn to relax with wind rather than tense up and make it worse. Cheek massage tended to help him focus.

quokka Tue 21-Aug-07 08:37:39

I read your tittle and post as am not pm - but I do think it might be wind or something that he's having trouble digesting. Their little bodies are going through such big changes at this age it not surprising that they get a little upset. If you manage to settle him after a short time I would worry too much. But have a good look at what he might be eating and see if theres a pattern? Hope he has been better

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