6 month old too attached, cries constantly

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aurorae0222 Fri 08-Nov-19 04:25:52

Need some advice! My 6 month old daughter
clings to me constantly and cries non stop now! She wants to be held all the time. She barely lets anyone hold her. She even fusses when her daddy had holds her sometimes.

It’s especially bad at night when I put her down. She will go on and on, with this deafening scream. I hold her and soothe her but as soon as I put her down she starts up again.

Took her to the doctor who says nothing is wrong. She isn’t colicky and she is teething but says it’s normal. She suggested I try and let her cry it out but it’s really difficult; I can’t do it. Breaks my heart seeing her upset. My stepmother suggests moving her back into her nursery.

Some days I think I’m reliving the first few months where I barely get any sleep. I am getting sleep deprived and desperate.

I am close to losing my mind between her constant need for attention, crying and biting my breast now that she is teething.

Any guidance?

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ForeverBaffled Fri 08-Nov-19 16:53:17

It’s so normal! Your daughter is still so little so give her what she needs (as you clearly already are so well.) Controlled crying will just teach her you won’t respond when she needs you which, I personally, can’t get my head around.

My advice would be to carry on as you are but make sure you ask for help as much as you can. My son was identical so honestly I really get it. You’re doing so well.

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