How can I improve my preschoolers confidence and concentration

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getthroughthisgrrrrr Thu 07-Nov-19 22:52:49

Any tips? DS is 3 and a half, very shy and lacks the confidence to speak to adults and other children. He can reply, but often it will be one word then he hides. I'd love to help him with this. His speech is ok, he's not at all a chatty child at home either.

His nursery say he lacks concentration too, but will focus on things of interest that sounds normal to me . I can only assume this is in comparison to his peers.

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EstherMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Nov-19 21:07:50

Giving this a little bump for you OP

LucileDuplessis Sat 09-Nov-19 07:59:36

Hi OP, have you tried inviting a friend over to play? Some children who are shy in group settings do better in 1-to-1 situations.

getthroughthisgrrrrr Sun 10-Nov-19 19:10:05

@LucileDuplessis yes I'll done a few play dates and he has been fine. It just doesn't seem to get reciprocated. A couple have, then it turns to can we meet somewhere, which on occasions ( like bad weather) has meant me hosting in few times in a row at our house. I understand it's nicer to go to someone else's house to play, my DS is very quiet so doesn't object to sharing toys. It's a tricky age maybe. Maybe it will be easier once they are old enough to play without the parent. I don't mind hosting, but I've hosted a few people a couple of times with no invite back and they also came to his 3rd birthday party. I think because he's quiet they don't mention him as a friend.

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