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ADHD or normal behaviour?

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Madratlady Thu 07-Nov-19 13:31:37

Where’s the line between ADHD and normal 5yo (nearly 6) behaviour? My ds fits a lot of the criteria however as he’s home educated I don’t have his behaviour at school to compare to. He is easily distracted unless he’s really engaged in something (loves construction toys like lego so will sit and play with them for ages, this morning he sat and drew a picture, so he can focus), he’s careless and loses or breaks things, struggles with transitions between one thing and another, doesn’t listen or take in what people as saying to him - will ask a question repeatedly or start talking about something else when you’re mid answer, interrupts conversations as if he didn’t notice you were talking to someone, struggles with turn taking still, is impulsive and does silly things without thinking, talks constantly, fidgets and struggles to sit still unless really engaged in something. He also struggles with things not being his way, gets angry easily and has meltdowns/tantrums and can’t discuss something to compromise just repeats what he wants and doesn’t take in anything said to him until suddenly’snapping out of it’. He struggles to articulate his feelings and also seems to struggle to be considerate of others or other people’s wants and needs, although I know that’s still developing at this age.

So while he ticks a lot of the boxes as far as I can see how much should I be concerned and how much is normal for his age? It’s manageable as he’s not expected to cope in a school setting, the formal learning we do is obviously 1:1 so I can keep him on track. On the other side of all that he’s smart and interested in everything, at times he can be very kind to his 2 younger siblings and he can be very loving.

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Madratlady Thu 07-Nov-19 13:31:59

Sorry that’s way longer than I expected thlblush

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Fandabydosey Thu 07-Nov-19 14:52:21

I have one with ADHD. I think lots of what you say is or could be ADHD behaviour but also boys are easily distracted. If he is learning well, bright, happy and confident then the impact of his ADHD is minimal. As he gets older and educational demands increase things might change. Also when puberty kicks in things may change and he could need more specific support. It will always be an ever changing story. You sound like you are doing a fab job.

Notodontidae Thu 07-Nov-19 20:38:01

I agree with Fandabydosey; Clearly some children have got ADHD, having said that many things will exasberate hyperactivity without there ever being an inherited or medical defect. Children's TV these days are fast moving, loud, and do not facilitate a relaxing effect. Drinks, even low sugar drinks have alternative additives that seem to effect children. Computer or Tablet games, again fast moving and often noisy. When achild with these ADHD tendancies have a meltdown, it is usual to put then on the naughty step, however because they are basically impatient, it can have an adverse effect. Just get their attention momentarilly by getting dow to their level, and discuss the problem of leave them in a room to calm down without any set time. Most of what you have mentioned are fairly normal behaviour, make sure ds gets outside a lot whatever the weather.

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