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Noises driving me nuts

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tempnamechange98765 Wed 06-Nov-19 12:50:08

It's not completely monotonous in his defence, the noise does vary between vehicles. But it's no less annoying!

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tempnamechange98765 Wed 06-Nov-19 12:44:25

Yep it was probably me!

Yes and no. In short, probably not. I'm now taking anti anxiety medication and have a clearer head!

I don't think it's a form of stimming, as he can stop, doesn't get upset etc. It's how he plays (ie there is always a reason for it, and he wouldn't do it say when he is playing with play doh, or his baby doll)but it's just so so irritating. I could be wrong, but it doesn't appear to be.

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AladdinMum Wed 06-Nov-19 12:33:09

Ah, that sounds a little different - it sounds like he could be humming? constant humming could be a form of stimming (like hand flapping) and used as a form of self-regulation. There was thread a few weeks of a parent worried about their son constantly humming. In isolation it is not concerning from a development point of view and tends to fade with age as they learn better and more efficient ways to regulate. Are there any other concerns when compared to his peers?

tempnamechange98765 Wed 06-Nov-19 11:33:47

aladdinmum I would gladly record the sound and send it to you if you like, you might be a bit more sympathetic then!

It's not your usual imaginative "choo choo" "vroom vroom" etc noises (he did used to do this when he was about 2, it was much better on the ears, in fact I didn't notice it), it's literally a low, droning, monotonous noise. Loud. I'm pretty sure he tries to get the noise as realistic as possible. I don't really see it as imaginative.

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AladdinMum Wed 06-Nov-19 09:36:20

I'm really confused here - his behavior is totally typical and I would guess most children his age will be doing very similar things. This kind of imaginative play is not only positive (from a development standpoint) but also to be encouraged it. You ask him to stop when he is happily playing with his vehicles? I think the problem here is not with your son....

tempnamechange98765 Wed 06-Nov-19 08:56:22

My DS is nearly 4 and he (what feels like) constantly makes annoying noises. He loves all vehicles so mainly plays with trains/cars/diggers/ride on car etc at home, all accompanied by his "engine noises" which are just SO annoying. A horrible humming, not even "choo choo" etc. It's mainly when we're at home, but on occasions when we're out eg walking down the street, he says he's a steam train or whatever and will make the noises again.

They are driving me absolutely nuts, it's so so grating. I know DH feels the same, but I'm around it more as I'm currently on mat leave and work P/T when I am working.

We do ask him to stop when it's been going on a while, but he is a complete wind up merchant and as soon as he's got wind that something irritates us, he does it more. I've tried just ignoring it, but he still carries on and on and on.

Any advice? I would love to just stop it once and for all.

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