How do I break penis-fiddling habit in my 3yr old?

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jonnytekno Mon 04-Nov-19 11:13:42

Hi there,

Get ready for too much information...

My son, since being very small, has played with his penis - much in the same way that other kids fiddle with their earlobe or nose or neck when sucking their thumb. He also likes to walk around the house and put his penis on things - furniture etc.

Also, the constant handling has meant that he has managed to retract his foreskin fully at a much earlier age than most boys, which means it is all quite unhygienic and his hand smells all the time.

Anyway, we assumed he would grow out of it but he is showing no signs of losing interest - and now concerned about what happens when he goes to school which is only 7 months away or something.

We don't want to give him a complex about it or anything or make him somehow feel bad about himself, but then don't know what to do.

Anyone been through anything similar?

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Echomama Wed 06-Nov-19 14:22:59

Following. No advice sorry! But would love to hear any and see if it would help our situation too!

Wheresthebiffer2 Sun 10-Nov-19 13:48:26

dress him in vest with poppers, dungarees or a full body snowsuit.

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