13 month old speech. This is ok right?!

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birdybirdbird Sun 03-Nov-19 15:04:04

I’m not sure if I need to be worried about my 13 month olds ‘speech’ or if I’m being a bit PFB! He so far can say mama and sort of papa and nononono. Sometimes he uses these correctly but often as just part of babble. He does other speech type noises like ohdah and does direct these at things (like when the cat jumps up next to him). He’s never been super vocal and will babble and chat in bursts over the day but not a constant stream. He doesn’t tend to ‘chat’ to himself when playing or in his cot. Friends report that their similar age babies are ‘chatting’ constantly and are also saying things like cat, dog, banana etc correctly.

His understanding and other communication is good I think (though PFB so it might not be 😂) He can touch different parts of his body when asked. Will touch his hand to (as opposed to an adult style point) pictures in a book e.g pig, tractor when asked. He can follow a simple command like ‘get a book’, ‘put it back’ etc. He knows the name of some of his toys and will get them if I say them. He gestures at things he wants and will push my hand towards things. He shows and gives me toys, looks at things and then at me to see if I’m looking too, tries to feed me (mmmm thanks for the pre chewed toast...!) etc
This is all ok isn’t it?! I think he is but then every so often I just get really worried that he’s behind in his speech.

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Peaches2018 Sun 03-Nov-19 15:45:20

Hiya @birdybirdbird It sounds great to me for sure!! Mine is almost 17 months old and understand yes and No, reaches and turns away from things and has full conversations with his mouth closed mumbling around. He's been saying dada / daddy for months but only once or twice mamma and I think that was by accident so don't worry I'm sureb will be fine flowers

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