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What does your 9 month do?

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Toffeecoffeee Sat 02-Nov-19 21:28:55

Hi everyone I’ve been on a few websites and apps and have gotten myself worried.

My baby has just turned 9 months and was wondering what other babies at this age are doing and if I should be concerned.

Things he does:

Plays with toys
Passes toys back and forth
Picks up finger foods to eat
Babbles- currently nanana but previously baba and dada
Opens drawers with small handle
Sits unaided
Can rotate whilst sitting to change direction
Lying on stomach rotates to change direction
Put arms out to be picked up
Constantly wants to stand whilst holding my hands

On the websites and apps I looked at they all mentioned doing these things at this age which he doesn’t:

Not crawling
Doesn’t clap
Doesn’t imitate noises I make
Doesn’t respond to name
Doesn’t play peak a boo
Doesn’t make it clear he finds something dirty eg by sniffing something
Hasn’t got pincer grasp

Sorry for the essay just being a worried mum sad x

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