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What does your 18mo play with?

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krang Fri 17-Aug-07 15:09:43

Mine ignores all his toys - blocks, toy trains, etc. He likes brooms, small plastic containers, the dishwasher, and dragging small bags around.

This is fine but none of these above hold his attention for more than a minute! So I'm starting to wonder if there are any other playthings I could get him (don't have to be toys, whatever makes him happy!) I'm just a bit concerned that he's getting bored with his current toy/object thing...but what to get him next? I really hate spending money on toys which just get ignored...

mezzer Fri 17-Aug-07 15:19:59

My 19mo dd has a similar love of brooms, containers, etc. She also likes to wipe the table tops and scrub the floor - hmm, I should put her to work! Oh, and is currently obssessed with books - keeps wanting to sleep with her favourite book (Goodnight Gorilla).

But, there are a few playthings that are a bit more of a hit at the moment - playdough, stickers, big-sized legos, and crayons/drawing. Does he like any of those?

milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo Fri 17-Aug-07 15:23:06

My 18mth old DD loves books and 'lets pretend'play i.e. feeding her dolls and 'cooking' in her kitchen also sweeping the floor and general helping. Loves being outside to be honest, can spend hours just pottering.

Oh and she has just got into painting and felt tip pens.

Mumfun Fri 17-Aug-07 21:54:58


You havent got a toy library anywhere near you have you? That would help you a lot.

My DD is lucky as she has all big brothers toys and she is such an easy to entertain child compared to what he was.

She loves especially his pushalong postman Pat plus Jess the cat, his Bob the Builder and wendy figures and playing with any clotheese she can get her hands on. She also puches the push dog around a lot, loves his ride in car in the garden and his music keyboard that she can play.

Also very interested in drawing, painting. A tip I got from another website that keeps her and 3 year old entertained for a good while is putting them in garden with set of old paintbrushes and bowl of water. They go round painting everything in sight and have a great time. HTH

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