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very challeging behavior 8 month old - constantly hyperactive; pushing, crawling away from me..need advice

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LaBoheme Fri 17-Aug-07 12:03:22

Hi I have a DD who has just finished to cut top 2 teeth so I know this is a funny old time, but she just seems to be unnaturally on the go. By this I mean she will not just sit and look at a toy for more that 3 seconds, she wants another one or to be picked up or to be taken here there and everywhere, up down and around the house.
We can't even hold her or sit her on our lap for 2 seconds without her literally wanting to climb over our heads, pull things over pull herself up to standing etc etc, Tbh she has always been a bit like this even as a newborn but now she is mobile, how do I put it, she seems hyperactive to me - she won't even listen to 4 words of a story before bed, she has discovered how to whine and really gets cross and tantrumy when things are not done quick enough and my Mum says she is so young for this. Is this just her personality? Or is there something I can do to calm her down, she is now starting to be like this during spells in the night and I am back at work P/T.
Does anyone have any words of wisdom for a totally knackered, demoralised 1st time Mum who isn't really enjoying her Baba at the moment!

chipkid Fri 17-Aug-07 12:11:05

my ds was like this-my dd was totally different-so compact and so careful!it is likely to be her nature-she is confident, active probably fearless and very interested in the world.

It is exhausting-all you can really do is prepare to watch her like a hawk, make your home as risk free as possible (I live in a child unfriendly house-hard floors etc so know that it can be difficult) and just know that all of these traits that are so worrying in a small baby will stand her in very good stead as she develops. Get her out to soft play and places where she can explore safely. Take her swimming and tire her out there!

My ds is totally wonderful-now 6 but so adventurous and so interested in the world that he is a pleasure to be around.

macneil Fri 17-Aug-07 12:12:16

No words of wisdom from me! Mine is exactly the same. She crawls everywhere and picks up crazy things and bonks her head and tries to stand up all the time, and when she pulls herself up she falls down and cries. I am constantly kneeling a foot behind her trying to anticipate when she's going to fall. She used to love stories and now just crawls around when I read to her or grabs the book if we're sitting together. Mine is 8.5 months. I don't think it's their personality - by which I mean, I think they're perfectly normal - I think it's just getting a bit of power is really exciting for a baby who spent most of her life lying on her back waiting for people to give her what she wanted.

gess Fri 17-Aug-07 12:12:39

ds3 (now 2) is like this. Just the way some are.

macneil Fri 17-Aug-07 12:27:31

I know it's exhausting, but do try to enjoy her, nonetheless. Mine often turns round and gives me a wicked grin just before she does something reckless, and she gets especially excited if I call her 'clever' and does whatever I called clever lots of times (like drinking from her sippy cup). I think starting to see her sense of humour and awareness develop is quite thrilling, even if it means I have absolutely no time to do anything now.

One thing I've found is that she behaves quite well if I put her in her high chair and do kitcheny things with her there. She does throw everything I give her off the table - but not if it's food! So I give her a piece of apple and she sits and chews it and I can get a little done for up to an hour, which is fantastic, because she's safe. I suppose you've tried that and yours just screams? If you haven't, that's my tip - I hope it works.

Ripeberry Fri 17-Aug-07 12:29:38

My two DDs now aged 5 and 2 were like this when they were babies and they still are!
All i would say is make sure her surroundings are as safe as possible and join in as much as possible.
I've spent years running around in the house after my dds and love every moment of it.
Yes, it is very tiring but at least they they are happy and i would much rather an energetic child than one who just sits there taking no interest in their surroundings.
Just have to get used to it as once they start walking all hell breaks loose!

belgo Fri 17-Aug-07 12:29:54

laboheme - my dd1 was like that. I used to take her out once or twice a day - to friend's houses, the park - even though she was so young - the shops - just to keep her occupied.

now she is three and a half, and can do a lot for herself, and has calmed down a lot.

LaBoheme Fri 17-Aug-07 12:47:43

thank-you all - it sounds like I have just got this type of child and I do love her loads and she is quite hilarious I am on the floor with tiredness. I have spent the first 8 months constantly occupying like crazy so I guess i will have to carry on - will take your advice on the swimming great idea although I may drown if I feel like I do today - no energy whatsoever!
thanks again for your suggestions x

macneil Fri 17-Aug-07 14:15:42

I have A LOT of 'I can't cope' days, too, Boheme. As I stopped holding her to write that, she crawled off my lap over my thigh and smashed her head on the keyboard. I now feel very guilty and am going to get off the internet.

LaBoheme Fri 17-Aug-07 16:39:45

oh bless her MN I hope she is alright - that could be my DD she too jumps out of my arms diving across the room...

cktwo Fri 17-Aug-07 21:37:39

My DD2 is just the same as yours LaBoheme. When I reach a certain point in the afternoon when my energy has gone (usually around 4) I lie on the floor and the baby thinks it's hilarious to climb all over me. I get to have a little rest and she's entertained for 15 mins. Bonus!

mumsville Fri 17-Aug-07 21:47:42

My ds the same. Born very alert and active and generally happy, but I noticed that once he got a bit mobile his attention span for anything else evaporated. Once a proficient crawler (or novelty worn off) he calmed down a bit, just in time for walking and again, the same, three words of a book and that's it he's off, climbing off the bed running round the place.

Tiring, yep, but the seem happiest like this. So, as the others have said, nice concentrated periods of physical activity. Wear 'em out! Enjoy.

annoyingdevil Sat 18-Aug-07 12:02:30

Both DD (2) and DS (1) are like this. I just safety proof the house and let them get on with it - climbing, crawling etc.

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