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youareasyoungasyoufeel Tue 29-Oct-19 14:18:53

Hi all. I'm a bit of a worrier so below I'm going to list what my 19 month boy (just turned 19 months) can and can't do and would be grateful for any comments/does he sound good for his age etc

Can walk great, quite fast I've been told
Loves climbing lots
Recently has started jumping
Babbles loads but no words yet
Can wave
Can clap
Smiles and laughs lots and engages with people
Pushes a toy shopping trolley around
Knocks towers of soft blocks over. Has attempted to build a tower himself once or twice but then gave up and knocked it over instead
Loves bashing objects together
Has done the circle on the shape sorter but we don't practice that very often
Have shown him the jigsaws with the pegs and he looks and takes them out but not so great putting them back in

He loves looking at things and walking around the house with them or bashing them together

He loves playing/rolling toy cars
He loves anything with a string that he can pull along so hubby's trainers or my bag pulling it along by its handle

We go out visiting friends/to the park/soft play etc every day

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youareasyoungasyoufeel Tue 29-Oct-19 21:28:20


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AladdinMum Wed 30-Oct-19 09:38:43

What are your concerns exactly? can he point to request and to share interesting things like a plane in the sky?

youareasyoungasyoufeel Wed 30-Oct-19 14:30:44

I don't have concerns I'm just asking does he sound good for his age

He's not a great pointer but if he wants to show me something he will take me by hand to it

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youareasyoungasyoufeel Wed 30-Oct-19 14:31:21

He pulls me along by my dress so that's his way of saying mummy come with me

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AladdinMum Thu 31-Oct-19 10:07:40

Pointing to request and specially to share interests (like a plane in the sky, or a train passing) is very important at 19M - typically they would be pointing multiple times per day. If you are asking specifically about disorders like autism or similar pervasive disorders then what you want to be looking for at this age is his ability to follow simple instructions, his ability to communicate using gestures (so pointing to request things, pointing to show you things of interest like a plane in the sky), his ability to engage in simple pretend play, examples of social referencing (making eye contact with you when he is cautious or unsure after something has happened like a loud noise), etc. Taught skills like waving and clapping while good that he can do them are not really important, for example, it would not be unusual for a child with autism to do everything you listed in your first post at 19M, autism do not generally affect any of those skills.

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