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Is removing his gaming console the answer?

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Worrywart21 Mon 28-Oct-19 22:35:11

My 8 year old son loves the game fortnite. My OH had a PS4 since son was a young age. Around 5 my son become interested in games like mario etc. This progressed to fifa and then fortnite.

It was a slow and gradual process but he’s now utterly obsessed with the game. He is only allowed on at weekends but he thinks about it most days. All of his group at school play it most days and talk about it constantly. I hate it.

He had the PlayStation removed as a punishment but although he was upset he accepted it and he’s been doing things he would never do when allowed to play. Drawing, watching movies with me etc. Also he was reluctant to leave the house at the weekend as his friends were all playing.

This weekend we went out for hours all day and he loved it. It’s like a different child.

So do I remove it altogether? Even though all of his friends play it? Or do I say 1 hour on a Friday evening, 1 hour Saturday etc & stick to this?

The problem is 1 hour isn’t enough and when it’s time to come off he’s all hyped up and upset that he’s had to leave.


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LeGrandBleu Mon 28-Oct-19 23:22:43

I would remove it completely. The problem with gaming is not the gaming itself, but what it takes away from a child’s life. The live of book , the creativity and imagination, the inability to find pleasure and satisfaction in anything else.
It is in my experience a lot easier to remove it all together than put limits.
Send it to be repaired for a very long time. Remove it from where it is now and hide it in the attic or garage

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