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Is anyones 8 years old DD/SD got a fear of EVERYTHING!!!

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Biglips Thu 16-Aug-07 19:00:22

but not inc foods!!

My SD who is a sensitive shy person. She got a fear of everything.

1)She terrified of water - Shower/swimming as she stands there sobbing.
2)Terrified of animals apart from fishes. She screamed the place down at 11pm when she noticed our cat was in her bedroom (as the cat who is 1 can open the door) and she screamed like there is a tiger in the room with her.
3)Terrified of heights - even from a table height
4)terrified of falling over as weve tried bikes and roller blades but she said she doesnt want to get hurt
5) i cant think of anymore!...

is this normal?? as i know every child is different

Biglips Thu 16-Aug-07 22:43:05

we had a talk tonight about the getting hurt bit as she said that she is very afraid of getting hurt - eg fall over or a scratch etc...i explained that everyone get hurts and get on wiv it.

She had never broken or grazed herself bad as only the odd scratches

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