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Any Advice/Insight highly appreciated

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Bumblebee308 Sun 27-Oct-19 01:10:37

Firstly hello I am completely new here I have 3 children all girls my eldest is 5 and my twins are 2 and a half.

Thee twins have been in nursery since April roughly, and within the last week I have a phone call from my health visitor saying that the nursery have concerns over the girls, and it was out as this, behavior, lack of concentration and lack of routine.

Now as I say the twins are 2 they don't really concentrate except for messy play which they love.

The nursery has asked me to look into moving house which is impossible, I currently a 2 bed flat and have no funds in order to move and I'm not a priority in the eyes of the council in which I agree with the council.

They also pointed out that discipline seemed to be an issue, so with my eldest it was commented that I was to strict and now with the girls not enough.

The nursery have also picked at my anxiety saying I should be on medication (wondering at which point they became my G.P but that's just me) I t doesn't effect me everyday just somethings like this et it off.

They have said if nothing changes social services would have to be involved, but I have no idea as to what they are expecting me to do. I have the support of my husband and our combined family. Yes the girls are hectic but what 2 years old's aren't?!

In short I feel belittled like my best isn't good enough, the girls are my absolute world and I do my absolute best when it comes to them, they are cared for loved beyond belief, clean and fed.

What is your take on this sorry its lengthy but I honestly don't know how to cope with whats seems nothing but criticism and no support to be found from the professionals, my health visitor was completely on their side, even though she has said to me before I do a great job and she has no concerns.

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Lolacat1234 Mon 28-Oct-19 11:56:21

Not an expert by any means but from what you have said in your post I'm surprised they have said about getting social services involved? Surely there has to be more going on than just lack of concentration/discipline issues going on to warrant this? Also how can they even say you should move house, and what bearing does their sleeping arrangements (I'm guessing they share with their older sister) have to do with how they get on at nursery? Also the comment about lack of routine - how do they know anything about their routine when out of nursery?

Please don't think I'm being rude but have you left anything out? I'm just shocked and struggling to understand why a nursery would make such sweeping claims for such seemingly "normal" childhood behaviour issues? Also how do they know you suffer with anxiety, have you made that clear to them or is it obvious from your interactions with them? I think it's quite offensive they bring that up with you unless it's causing some significant problems with your kids and their care more than what you have said.

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