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22mo scratching herself when frustrated!! Is this normal???

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mammabelleboo Thu 16-Aug-07 15:17:14

My 22mo dd has always been a scratcher right from about 10 months old. This just used to be confined to whoever had p'd her off - usually me when stopping her from doing something or taking her away from play when it's time for nappy change or something. For the last 2 weeks, she has started to scratch at herself as well when she is angry - she will scratch at her legs, face, arms, anywhere really and I find it really bizarre as it hurts!! I guess it's just her way of dealing with her frustration, but I really want her to stop. I've been trying for the last 12 months to snap her out of this scratching but nothing seems to be working. I'm now also trying to deal with this added dimension of her scratching herself. She absolutely adores Upsy Daisy from the Night Garden so I've started saying "How silly, Upsy Daisy dosn't scratch when she's angry" but I don't think the message is really getting through. I've bawled in her face through sheer frustration, but she is so stubborn and strong willed she does it all the more. I'm so weary with trying to deal with this, I feel I've made it a huge issue by pulling her up on it every time she does it, but you have to correct bad behaviour don't you? Have posted re this before, so sorry if you've read my problem in the past - it's just that it's not going away and it's getting worse! Is scratching both yourself and others normal toddler behaviour? Please Help!! Thanks.

mammabelleboo Thu 16-Aug-07 18:20:59

Anybody out there who can help!!! Please!!!

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