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Year 1 child behaviour

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user1495827045 Thu 24-Oct-19 19:42:02

My DS is 5 (July born) he has started Year 1. His behaviour at home has been ok albeit he becomes very frustrated easily and has started reverting back to hitting and kicking out and shouting 'I don't like you' 'your stupid' if we punish him for something i.e not listening we may say no tv for the afternoon . His behaviour is almost like how it was when he started reception (can't use his legs collapsing to the car as too tired etc) and he won't tell us anything about his day.
Also since beginning year 1 he is often finding his name on the 'cloud' I am led to believe for not listening or talking when he shouldn't be (today was talking). He has had a bumpy start as he said there is less playing and to top it off his teacher is sick and has been for 5 weeks so they have had a variety of teachers. I am therefore at a loss as to whether it is down to change or transitioning or is this behaviour 'normal' for a child of this age. Are there ways we can manage this better? Sanctions will include no tv or tonight I have taken his hero cards away and said he can have them back tomorrow if he has worked hard to get his name on the sunshine. He was previously an absolute superstar in reception. Some advice would be useful.

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time4an3wname Thu 24-Oct-19 23:02:45

I'm sure the half term break will be great for him and he'll go back refreshed. It's Big jump from the play of reception to year 1s more formal learning. All the newness is tiring especially with no consistent teacher, which is why you are seeing the same behaviour as when he started reception. I'd talk to him about why he being told off at school, but I feel punishing him too at home is too much. Let him relax in his safe place. If he misbehaves at home of course address it.

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