Confused about teat size.

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girlmummy25 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:10:29

My DD is 5 months and size 3 mam is a bit too fast for her too.
The difference is quite big between them when you put them under the tap.
I also have quite a slow feeder so i understand x

Mummytwosons Wed 23-Oct-19 11:36:55

I just tried the 3 again but had to change back to a 2 as he was coughing and spluttering. Think il just have to stick with the long feeds until hes ready.
Theres a big difference between the 2 and 3.

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Lolacat1234 Wed 23-Oct-19 11:21:26

It took ages for my daughter to be OK on size 3 MAM teats. They say from 4 months but she was much closer to 6 before I felt she was able to take the milk without gulping and was not as windy afterwards. I tried the switch twice before and had to move back to 2. Maybe give him a day or so but when she was ready for size 3 it was easy and she didn't have the milk running down the side of her face etc and no gulping xx

Mummytwosons Wed 23-Oct-19 08:52:31

My ds will be 5months on friday and hes on size 2 mam bottles but he takes about 45 mins to feed. Hes got reflux and has comfort milk, gaviscon and carobel. Ive tried size 3 teat a couple of times and hes much quicker drinking it however he does bring more up with the size 3 teat and is also more restless after feeding. Do i need to just give him more time to adjust to the size 3. ? It also runs out of the side of his mouth as if its maybe too fast. Any advice appreciated.

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