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3 YO Raspberries

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tizianalee Wed 23-Oct-19 03:14:42

My sweet girl is journeying through a phase of boundary pushing. Namely, blowing raspberries. She’s 3 years old, so she’s definitely not doing it in the same manner as a baby, but often as a way of acting out or causing a ruckus with people she doesn’t know or wants to get a reaction from.

I consider myself a fair parent, we have a balance of gentle and strict rules in our home and discipline accordingly. With things like this though, it can be very awkward and uncomfortable because something like raspberry blowing (especially in someone else’s face) is a hard nut to crack when missy isn’t listening - don’t you just love this age!

I’m reaching out to connect with other parents, I’m sure I can’t be the only one experiencing this?

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tempnamechange98765 Wed 23-Oct-19 07:54:58

My DS did (still does on occasion) this. I treated it on the same category as "aggressive" behaviour once I'd explained to him that it's spitting and it's not nice, it's nasty etc. So when he kept doing it, I would put him on the "step" (time out) in the same way as I would if he had hit. He was doing it in people's faces at play group and not stopping when asked, so I felt I needed to address it firmly.

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