21 month old not really talking

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Glitterbomb123 Sun 20-Oct-19 08:41:43

My son is 21 months old and not really talking. He's a clever little boy - he understands almost everything I say to him and follows instructions well. Even things I wouldn't think he would understand he does! I only have to show him how to do something a couple times before he just gets it. He says a few words regularly but only 8-10. I talk to him a lot and we often have music playing that I sing to or nursery rhymes which he loves dancing the actions to and getting a round of applause at the end! He's also VERY inquisitive and watches everything that goes on around him, which I always explain to him what is happening, usually just every day things. So yeah I just wondered if anyone had children of the same age still hardley talking and at what point it did all start coming out!?

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AladdinMum Mon 21-Oct-19 09:37:44

He doesn't sound very far behind, as only 8 words are expected at 18M. Does he do any animal sounds if you ask him something like "what does th cow say?" if so, all those also count as words. Speech delays are very common at this age, and by themselves are not concerning. Word 'explosions' tend to happen around the 2 year mark, so keep talking to him! smile

Glitterbomb123 Thu 07-May-20 21:16:06

Anyone else come back on this? My son is now 2 years and 3 months and although he is saying more than he was (probably can say around 50-70 words now but only 20+ commonly througout the day eg mumma, Dadda, coco for chocolate, tea, key for drink, nana for banana, nanny, grandpa, cool for school, etc) he's nowhere near putting words together and I wouldn't say many of his words are clear.

HV says not too concerned as his understanding and direction following is brilliant. He can follow phonics and do all the sounds so I know there is no physical problem pronouncing each sound.

Any advice? I read to him daily, play with him Daily whilst using lots of simple phrases and words and involve him with lots of everyday tasks which he loves to 'help' with and I talk through each one. Any other suggestions? Or anyone been through speech therapy that can give any tips? We're on lockdown arm so if we get put on a waiting list it will be very long!

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Hitchyhero Thu 07-May-20 21:53:32

My son is 2 and still barely saying anything. So your very lucky. He still has his go to phrase of 'ahhhh dahhhh' followed by pointing to what he wants. He must say that word 300 times a day. I read constantly and sing songs to him everyday too.

What he does say is not very clear and its struggling pouncing specific letters. Everything begins with D so most words end up sounding the same.

Hes certainly understanding what I'm saying. Like your son, I only have to show him a few times things before he gets it.

sweetmaryjane10 Sat 09-May-20 15:56:46

@Hitchyhero are u at all worried about ur son? Just asking as my son is almost 27 months but no actual words Altho I think he's trying. He understands well and babbles tons and can make different sounds so not just da da etc so he can do s and b sounds and he nearly said ball yesterday. He can quack too when the ducks are in the bath so I think he's on his way but still feels slow going

Hitchyhero Sat 09-May-20 16:12:18

@sweetmaryjane10 I've been worried a bit but every one I speak (health visitors, and my relatives who work at a nusury) say not to worry. I keep getting told if the understanding is there then its nothing to concerned about.

Our circumstances are slightly different (my son is adopted and its common for them to have speech delay) and on top of that he is learning 2 languages.

My personal frustration comes from pronounciation as any word he does say sounds so similar I can't tell the difference. T, S, P, B are always repeated as D, so we have Doddy for doggy, dadle for table, didda for pizza.

Im wondering if he's getting tongue tied, but people keep telling me loads of children don't speak at 2 and I know my LO has extra obstacles to overcome on top of that. I'll start to worry more in 9 months.

sweetmaryjane10 Sat 09-May-20 16:15:44

Yeah it does sound like he has extra to deal with. I've heard the same thar understanding is main thing. Is he at nursery yet Cos that's meant to really help I hear. My son should be starting in September when he will be 2.5

Glitterbomb123 Sat 09-May-20 16:46:52

Yeah there are extra obstacles for your son bless him, I think learning 2 languages must be more difficult for them! My son started pre school when he was 2 in January but he only went for 8 weeks then stopped due to the lockdown.

He can make lots of different sounds, and even whilst playing makes lots of oos and ahhs constantly. I guess we're just not even close to linking words and making sentences and that's where he 'should be'

I was hoping someone who has been past this stage maybe had some advice of how to help

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sweetmaryjane10 Sun 10-May-20 11:19:59

Did anyone else try this theory? Where u sit with them for 5 mins daily just with 2 or 3 toys and keep repeating the words? I've tried that which is how he nearly said ball but then again doesn't want to do it other times when I ask. It's almost like I'm sure he can say it but doesn't want to

Glitterbomb123 Tue 12-May-20 06:27:06

I do this a lot. Sit and play I mean and I try to repeat each word. He will often look at me and my mouth and look as though he's concentrating but just when I think he's going to say it.. He doesn't! He will smile and pick up something else. I feel the same like he can but just doesn't want to.

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sweetmaryjane10 Tue 12-May-20 09:27:47

@Glitterbomb123 that's how I feel like he just doesn't want to

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