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luvvy Sat 19-Oct-19 23:53:18

My 8yr old g/dt is an intelligent, keen, athletic, very articulate little girl who can't wait to get on with things, but she fidgets she does not get on with some of her classmates.She is attentive in class she knows the answers and shouts out the answer before being asked ( which apparently is rare). She therefore gets punished on a daily basis by her teacher. Every day on collection there is a report of talking too much, not waiting to be asked, mischief with the boys, interrupting, and therefore she is added to Steps each day. So she also gets punished at home for what goes on at school.
It is quite apparent to me that she is not being stretched by a teacher who obviously does not like her and punishes her for things that sometimes are not her making but rather than argue, takes the blame. Thus I think the teacher is bullying her. She has no problems with the TAs and loves it when they teach her. She has now started to harm herself by scratching the opening of her nostrils and her nose looks a bit unsightly. There is nothing medical about this but its worse when she has had too much of aggressiveness. Her parents are beside themselves and think moving school will make matters worse. She has an older sibling and moving two is very difficult. Her behaviour at school is also starting to reflect at home. When she is with me she is an angel and a pleasure to be around.
Teacher has been approached by parents but criticism was met with a grunt and a tut and no solution reached.

Are we being paranoid? Help please.

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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 20-Oct-19 00:06:33

If she is misbehaving in class (and all the things you have mentioned are not good behaviour, and disrupt the class), then the teacher is not bullying her, if she is applying the normal sanctions for such behaviour in the class.

However, I don’t think her parents should be punishing her again at home. Obviously they do need to talk to her and be clear that her behaviour is unacceptable, but double punishments will only create resentment.

They need to work with their daughter to improve her behaviour at school - she isn’t the only child in the class, and she needs to learn not to disrupt the class.

AladdinMum Mon 21-Oct-19 09:44:20

I agree with the previous poster, I do not think that she is being bullied by the teacher - the behavior you describe in class is not good behavior and would disrupt the class, however further punishment at home sounds harsh. She sounds impulsive (and maybe unable to control it), and I wonder if she struggles with activities that require her to wait in a queue, or wait her turn.

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