5 year old ‘play fighting’

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Piecarumba Sat 19-Oct-19 10:05:49

DS has recently started school and there seems to be a band of boys who are into play fighting. They mimic shooting each other and ‘battling’.
Predictably there have been accidents and people getting hurt. It’s culminated in a parent contacting me to say DS held her son against and wall and kicked him. I am mortified and disturbed. DS has always been high energy but never aggressive and I don’t know what to do?
We’ve said no play fighting at all, ever. If the other boys start doing it he’s to leave and not join in. We’ve talked about hitting and kicking being completely unacceptable under any circumstances.
We’ve reduced TV privileges and a blanket ban on any shows with battles in (he loves transformers).
What else can we do? I feel like I’ve let him down that his behaviour has gone so wrong sad

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