3yo - hates getting dirty

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Yakadee Sat 19-Oct-19 07:54:30

Hello. My 3.5yo son has suddenly just decided that he HATES being wet or dirty. It can be as simple as a tiny bit of water on his sleeve and he can't bear to keep tshirt on and has to strip. Yesterday on a walk, he stood in a puddle and was devastated his shoe was wet and wanted to talk it off immediately.

He's been potty training (and doing very well) for the last month so not sure whether this has made him realise how he hates being wet and therefore doesn't like it anywhere?

It's not a massive deal (although he has more clothes changes than my 8 mo) but I wondered if this was a phase, or whether this is something that's going to turn into an issue for him?

Just wondering if anyone else's lo's went through this? Thanks xx

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