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Night time sleeping problem

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gmem Wed 15-Aug-07 13:26:49

My little girl is 3wks old and an absolute joy that is until night time. During the day she will sleep anywhere, her moses basket, car seat or in my arms but at night when I come to put her down in her moses basket she just won't settle. The longer I leave her the more she cries and as a 1st time mum I find it difficult to leave her crying. The end result is she sleeps next to me in our bed, she settles straight away and it allows me and my husband to get some rest.
Can anyone help me get her to sleep in her moses basket at night?

Look forward to your replies


mummymagic Wed 15-Aug-07 13:33:30

3 weeks is tiny! She's lived inside you for 9 months, of course she doesn't want to leave you. She still thinks she is part of you . Think its great that she settles so easily with you - she is obviously very bonded and happy.

There are lots of mums who don't leave their babies to cry and lots who sleep with their babies too. You can try putting her in her moses basket when she has really really dropped off - sleep 'training' only works when they are old enough to understand.

Do whatever is easiest and makes you all happy is my motto .

Upsidedowncake Wed 15-Aug-07 13:34:06

I'm sure you've tried this, gmem, but could she possibly be hungry?

Meeely2 Wed 15-Aug-07 13:39:47

a good bedtime routine saved my sanity - I have twins, so there never an option to co sleep really. From day one, we did, bath, bottle bed aorund 7pm and just stuck to it. Even if it didn't work some nights we didn't change the routine. They learned really quickly that a bath meant bedtime and we always put them down to bed awake, we never rocked to sleep first.

3 weeks is very early, and she is still very confused about day and night. Just make the distinction very clear in the day. Naps were downstairs and bedtime was upstairs for at least 6 months, if not more.

If co-sleeping suits you however, go with it, it works for a lot of people, but logistically i couldn't manage two so had to think of an alternative.

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