11mo started hitting - losing my marbles

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Italianshark Thu 17-Oct-19 16:14:22


Out of nowhere my 11mo has started slapping/scratching/pinching me in the face when she's not happy. I'm torn between whether she knows what she's doing or not but I feel like she does.

I have said no, pull her hand away from my face and she does it again or laughs. I don't know if she's gonna really understand me saying 'be nice that hurts' 🤦🏻‍♀️

How do I encourage her to stop or teach her not to?

Isit just a phase and I have to ignore it?

I'm worried she's gonna be 'that kid ' 🥴

She also throws any food I give her on the floor 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️So any advice on how to stop that would be great

Any advice welcome!

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Notodontidae Thu 17-Oct-19 19:52:23

It doesn't matter how much she realises what she is doing, it is totally unacceptable. Dont forget everything is about learning. hitting can be natural, DS doesn't need to have copied anything. You must appear upset and tell her not to hurt mummy, withdraw contact, and leave the room if neccesary. Just saying it hurts and returning immediately for more is foolish and where many parents go wrong. It must have an impact, you must leave a lasting impression otherwise it will fail.
Food throwing is normal, you tell DS it is not acceptable, but it stays on the floor, and nothing else must be given. Usually a pre-cursor to this is that DS doesn't like the food, or has had enough. If you notice her playing with the food and not eating it, take it away. Once it is thrown on the floor the meal time is over. If you take it away, leave it on the side tell DS she gets nothing else, try bringing it back after 2mins if she plays with it take it away wipe her face and put DS on the floor to play.

Notodontidae Thu 17-Oct-19 19:58:14

I meant DD, anyway you cannot ignore it, otherwise she will poke you in the eye.

LeGrandBleu Fri 18-Oct-19 01:00:00

If she hits you, put her somewhere safe in the room and turn your back on her. If she throws food, remove plate and don’t give her anything else to eat. Not what is on the plate or any second option. If helps if she is hungry at meal times so no food or milk/ juice in the 2 hours prior meals

Italianshark Fri 18-Oct-19 19:34:31

Thanks both, me and my OH tried a firm NO! When she tried to slap the spoon away when we were giving her dinner, we had a 10 second cry after the two no's and then she ate the WHOLE thing!!

She didn't try attack me today lol but if she does tomorrow she's getting the same NO!! Lool

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surreygirl1987 Fri 18-Oct-19 20:09:30

My son does this too. He's just turned one. I haven't managed to stop him yet! It's mostly when he's happy though- he seems to be trying to be affectionate but it hurts!

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