11 year old boy sneaking food

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ang87 Wed 16-Oct-19 09:33:24

I nipped to my Asda leaving my 11 year old finishing dinner off, (I live 5 mins away from asda) and this morning I was cleaning my windows and noticed my son has been sneaking little chocolate bars and throwing wrappers out of the bedroom window there is 4/5 different wrappers in the gutter. I'm becoming concerned as this isn't the first time. Anything to do with sweets/cake he will sneak and over eat. I allowed a treat or two after dinner but not massive amounts. As I want him to have a healthy balanced diet. Is there anyone who's child is sneaking extra treats? I give him a well portioned dinner pasta/chicken and veg etc and he will eat all of that. And still sneak treats confused
How do I talk with him about it, I've tried to explain he needs to eat healthy, and talk with him about portions etc but it doesn't seem to help

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LeGrandBleu Wed 16-Oct-19 20:14:47

Why do you buy it? You don't eat chocolate bars because you are hungry, but because you crave them. Even having one or two after dinner makes no sense.

Those snacks are engineered for you to go banana about them. Don't waste your breath talking, take a big empty hat and put every day the money you would spend on them in the jar and your son can buy a toy/video game/ skate with the money at the end of the year.

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