Sudden hysterical separation anxiety

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TheLetterOfTheLawTheLetter Tue 15-Oct-19 23:59:01

Help! Just about to turn two year old had developed a hysteria regarding separation from me or dh. He started when he stated nursery a month ago, I thought it was just being left there (though it's really a few short hours a week and he also has fun there) but I now see its at home too. My dh has left for a few hours and while we prepared him for a happy, positive goodbye, and ds was playing with me happily for an hour or so, he had just realised again that his daddy has gone and is now entering 35 mins of hysterical crying. Nothing works. I empathise, talk to him, simply sit next to him, reassure him. Nothing. He is beside himself and what's worse, I can't touch him. He hits out at me.

He was always such a confident little boy who ran off on playground without looking back. This has taken me by surprise. A relevant factor may be that dc2 is imminent.

I'm at a loss. This level of distress is upsetting. The fact that I, his mum, cannot console him is upsetting. It was bad knowing he did it at nursery but the fact that it's happening now is awful. Please tell me this will pasd

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BillHadersNewWife Wed 16-Oct-19 01:28:59

It's hard isn't it....awful in fact. How is his language? Is he talking much? Sometimes, things improve when their language is more fluent.

The inability to express themselves is upsetting to them. Plus they don't understand their emotions...the feelings are overwhelming.

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