10 month not showing any interest in moving

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Sianholby Tue 15-Oct-19 12:34:56

My DD is 10 months and shows no sign of moving. She just sits and plays with her toys.
Tried moving toys away, tried putting on the coffee table, tried holding her standing and she bears no weight on her legs.
The only thing she does do is roll around the move and when on her front does a swimming type movement with her legs, gets frustrated when she doesn’t move and then rolls back over again.
Had her review this morning and the HV said they will schedule another development review after her 1st birthday.
All the babies in my NCT group Are crawling and moving and I’m getting sick of weekly coffees where they ask if there is any movement and then One said it’s my fault for not encouraging her enough.

Any other people in a similar boat. As this is my first, I’m surrounded by NCT babies who are walking, cruising, flying etc and I am starting to worry

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tempnamechange98765 Tue 15-Oct-19 19:58:54

It's not all that unusual, but I understand your frustration. My DS didn't move except for rolling until 10 months, then he commando crawled for a month before crawling properly on all fours from 11 months.

Was your DD on the later end with her other gross motor milestones, sitting etc? If she was, it makes sense that she'll be later to crawl.

Can she bear weight on her legs at all, or does she just prefer not to? If she doesn't seem to be able to bear any weight I would take her to the GP as she should be able to by 10 months. The not crawling thing isn't a worry on its own though.

Sianholby Wed 16-Oct-19 10:07:55

She does bear some weight but only for a few seconds then she goes into her Elvis legs again.

She is fine on her communication and fine motor skills and was sitting unsupported by 7 months.

I’ve got a meet up this afternoon with my NCT and I know it will be full of the same questions asking why she isn’t moving and how Rebecca is now into her second pair of shoes at 10 months.

She just shows no interest in moving apart from the swimming movements she does on her tummy. I’ve put her activity table out for the past week and if she can’t reach, she just gives up instead of trying. I try and hold her up by her legs but she will jus5 bend them and flop after a few moments.

I’m really worried, I know she will get there eventually but as she is my first I am getting it constantly from my HV and NCT making me think she’s abnormally slow.

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tempnamechange98765 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:42:34

First of all 10 months is super early to be walking!!!! Your friends are a bit rude to be honest, to ask outright why she isn't moving!

I do understand how you feel though as that was me with DS1. I was so relieved when he started commando crawling at 10 months then crawled the usual way at 11 months. He didn't walk til 18 months though so the worry about that soon started!

I would definitely see your GP about the weight bearing on her legs issue, they'll have a better idea as to whether she's got any issues in that department.

A lot of it is to do with temperament though, so please don't worry if all is fine with her legs in that sense. My sister didn't move at all until 11 months, when she rolled over. She then walked at about 14 months so not late, but was super lazy and in a pushchair until she was about 5. She's still very laid back by nature now!

My DS1 was so slow with everything, it felt, but he spoke well quite early on (once he got going) and slept well, was easy to potty train earlier than a lot of his peers. There'll always be something your child is slower at/better at, but at 10 months sadly it's not all that obvious what that might be!

Ted0301 Thu 17-Oct-19 18:51:48

My daughter was the same and only started bearing weight after her first birthday, she’s hypermobile and was referred to physio around 9/10 months of age because she wasn’t crawling or getting on her hands and knees. She’s 19 months now and can crawl and walk (holding hands) their should be physio drop in sessions in your area, if you can’t find any speak with your HV to ask they will know.

mrsed1987 Thu 17-Oct-19 19:34:46

I know the feeling. My son is 9 month and is making no attempts at all. He does weight bare well though. I have a few friends whose babies are exactly the same age and crawling and it makes me anxious lol

OhGodBringMeCoffee Thu 17-Oct-19 19:47:12

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Bluerussian Thu 17-Oct-19 19:51:25

It's not unusual, the woman at the group should not have criticised you, that was unkind and plain wrong. Your daughter will one day pull herself up on something and toddle. Plenty of babies don't crawl.

I'm so glad I was never a member of any mum groups, so competitive, it was much more interesting going to work.

surreygirl1987 Thu 17-Oct-19 21:12:58

Your NCT friends sound annoying! 2 of my NCT group's babies never crawled, just started walking not long after their first birthdays! No-one cared. My son has been crawling since 9 months but is nowhere near walking. No-one cares yet but I imagine I'll get the same annoying questions in the not to distant future. I feel like NCT groups exist to encourage competitiveness and make parents feel bad 🤦🏼‍♀️
Seriously, I know how tough it is when you have people making comparisons (my son cried for the first few months of his life and I definitely got a lot of comments and judgement!) but sod them. Your baby will move when ready. Encourage gently but don't get stressed over it! My husband never crawled and he didn't walk til 18 months and he's an amazing athlete. Please don't let this mar these early days... as a mother to a recently one year old who is fast becoming a toddler , this baby stage us so fleeting and you will miss these immobile times when they're over! X

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