Anxiety in nearly 5 year old

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Dalmeida Tue 15-Oct-19 08:08:46

Hi really seeking advice on how people have approached supporting their young child displaying anxious behaviour. My son who has an older sister is nearly 5 so has Judy started reception but been in nurseries since 9 months is :
- smirking a lot when being told off
- hurting children / lashing out suddenly when kids are in his personal space
- prone to a sudden meltdown
- says nothing hurts or bothers him and is not good with explaining emotions or feelings or thinking it’s ok

In school teacher says he’s great in class during the structured time but it’s in the free social time it becomes problematic.
Went to school yesterday to have a meeting with SEN teacher who’s not concerned as such but says clearly some sensory stuff going on and anxiety.

Has anyone got any great tips for how to approach it with him and support him, it feels like it’s been going on for a while and of course I’m blaming myself for having not had the best approaches to date. He definitely comes across confident but clearly is a very unconfident and anxious little one. Thank you in advance

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