My 19 month old has just gone to bed..

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unicornsandrainbows98 Sun 13-Oct-19 23:53:54

This is a very regular occurrence in my house. He's been crap at going to sleep ever since he was a baby. I'm lucky if he goes to bed at 9 pm. I've tried EVERYTHING!!! Every time I try to send him to sleep he just bursts out laughing keeps trying to roll over or just screams bloody murder because I'm not letting him stay up. He does sleep in till around 9/10 and still naps at around 2 in the afternoon for around an hour and a Half but I just don't know what to do! The other night it was 12.45am and I was ready to keel over! Any advice is very recommend!

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herewegoagain92 Mon 14-Oct-19 03:05:56

No advice really but my son is 22 months and he would never go to bed before 11pm, we woke him early on a morning and we made sure he didn't nap too late but literally nothing worked. It was our own fault really as when he was a baby we just took him to bed when we went which was normally around 11pm so that was his routine and we only started trying to change it from about 12 months which was too late. He decided at about 19 months he would completely drop his daytime nap and he now goes to bed easily with no fuss at 8/8.30 and sleeps until 9/9.30.

surreygirl1987 Mon 14-Oct-19 13:20:33

What time does he get up? Does he nap? Does he have a bedtime routine?

pikapikachu Mon 14-Oct-19 17:40:52

Sounds like my dd at the same age. She stopped daytime napping at 15 months and dropped the buggy completely at 20 months.

What I ended up doing was bedtime for her older brother at 7:00/7:30 (he was a brilliant sleeper)

Started DD's bedtime routine at 10pm. Bed at 10:30. Sometimes she wouldn't sleep until 11:30 but was fresh as a daisy for the school run at 7:30 the next day. angry

Going along with her body clock worked better as it meant Ds wasn't woken up and I spent less time coaxing her to sleep.

Strangely once she started Reception, she started sleeping 7-7.

FTMF30 Mon 14-Oct-19 21:20:31

I think you're letting him sleep in too late. Try gradually getting him up earlier in the morning and bringing his nap forward to about 1pm.

unicornsandrainbows98 Mon 14-Oct-19 23:59:56

Hi everyone thanks for the advice!! To the questions asked about his routine and so on the Answers are-
He gets up around 9/9.30am
He naps at anywhere around 1,2 or 3 and then when he sleeps it's about an hour and a half two hours.
And yeah he does he has dinner around 5.30/6.00 then after I've tidied up and cleaned after him it's around 6,30/7.00 then he has a bath and by the time he's bathed and dressed it's around 7.45 but he's wide awake. I'm in bed now waiting for him to sleep because he keeps laughing at me. also thankyou to all the comments about your little ones being the same- when it's late and your tired it makes you think you're the only mum in the world going through a stubborn toddler that doesn't want to sleep! Thanks for the advice everyone x

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surreygirl1987 Tue 15-Oct-19 20:17:13

If he doesn't get up til after 9am I'm not hugely surprised he's still awake at 7:45am! We work on a 12 hour day, and he's up approx 7am-7pm. That's just what fits in best with our lives. That's with a long lunchtime nap (1.5-2hours) and sometimes a little morning one. Based on that, I would assume a 9am wakeup would correlate to approx a 9pm bedtime? Also I never let my son sleep past 3pm as otherwise I know he won't go down at 7pm... having a nap cut off time might help. I'm fairly militant about his napping though I just admit, as I know it keeps his routine regular and I really value my evenings so I don't want to risk them getting messed up! I used the Little Ones programme If that's any help.

Rubyduby26 Thu 17-Oct-19 17:31:54

My 18 month old is the same. I set an alarm to wake us up every morning at 7am because our playgroups start at 9.30 or 10am.

He has a nap after playgroup and I never let him nap past 2.30 and then some nights he's still up at 11pm. He usually goes to bed between 9 and 10 after me lying with him for an hour, and he does the same as your son, laughs at me, rolls round the bed, bounces and just generally dicks around and tries to make me laugh!

Waking him earlier in the morning might work for you but it doesn't for all kids so I think I'd enjoy a bit of a lie in if I were you! I'm scared to let my son have a lie in past 7 as I'd probably be up until 3am lol!

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