Confused by my 8 year old's behaviour!

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Sally205 Sun 13-Oct-19 09:38:00

Our little girl has always been extremely lively and active and with it, not always mindful of other peoples' personal space nor respectful of things - she's a bit of a bull in a china shop. That said, she is also adorable, athletic and charismatic and so it is only recently I've really been worried by her behaviour compared to other children of her age. Comparisons are odious, I know, and yet I worry now that some of her behaviour - being extremely pushy, at times overly physical, acting more like a manic four year old at times, less considerate and not engaging socially in conversation the way other children are beginning to do - well I'm now worried she's pushing people away, parents and children alike - at times, quite frankly, she's quite obnoxious, though it hurts me to say. Funnily enough this seems less true at school - teachers have never complained of her behaviour and she is quite popular there, but having and keeping friends away from school has proven more difficult. She is an only child so we work hard to have many people in her life - children and adults - but I'm feeling quite confused as to why her behaviour does feel so regressed at times (she is a very bright child so I'm not worried about any learning delay.) Help would be most welcome.

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Notodontidae Tue 15-Oct-19 23:00:01

Well She could have a touch of aspergers, you mention athletic, are you implying she does sport outside of school because something like a team sport would help her become more engaged socially, be mindfull of others and be less pushy. A father figure may help with her overly physical side, by equalling her physical strength in a bit of rough play. Obviously if her behaviour is inconsiderate of others, it is unacceptable, and you must tell her there will be consequencies.

Sally205 Thu 17-Oct-19 21:57:32

Hi there...I don't think it's Aspergers because she is quite in touch with her own feelings, and in quiet moments, she can be in touch with ours too..she does have an incredible amount of physical energy and she's a good dancer and runner (though we've yet to find clubs that quite fit - I think it will be better when we can do that.) What I can't figure out is if she just has too much unharnessed energy or if it's a form of anxiety, and what is most worrying is when it becomes destructive (things get broken, not always a great sense for peoples' personal space..) I suppose if there's any 'syndrome' it's closer to an ADHD type thing but I must admit I have a deep suspicion of the way so many children are given this label (or many labels, including ASD) which is not to deny that some children do suffer from these things but not to tar so many with the one brush; they are individuals and I'd rather examine every possibility first.

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