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premax slings and bebepods

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newy Tue 14-Aug-07 16:04:44

ds is 4.5months. Before he was born got a premaxx sling (off ebay so no instructions but looked easy). Put him in position for babies (across body) but looked really uncomfortable and squashed so didn't use it. Is he now old enough for the hip carrying position? How do you stop him falling through??

Also, got him a bebepod which said it would hold baby up but seemed to lurch around a bit and hated it!

Any advice??

Sixofone Wed 15-Aug-07 21:26:46

We never got on with our Premaxx either - thought it was a great idea, but it kept swinging out and dd got bashed on furniture all the time!

Ended up getting one of the 'normal' baby carriers, we were all more comfortable!

TheodoresMummy Thu 16-Aug-07 08:11:27

I had a Premaxx for DS.

Never could get it right

The string bits that you tighten to keep them snug always seemed to dig in.

There are far better slings on the market. Check out (or google baby slings/carriers).

Mindles Thu 16-Aug-07 08:49:22

We have never got on with the premaxx, ds has hated it from the very moment it arrived! We got on much better with the bjorn active carrier.
We also have a bebepod for ds which he was very floppy in until a month or two ago (he is 7m now) so probably bear with it for a little while? He loves it now, it's his favourite chair to eat biscuits and watch telly in.

kiskidee Thu 16-Aug-07 09:13:17

any of the slings on this page are more baby friendly and mummy friendly than a premaxx or babybjorn. the seller also comes highly recommended. she will happily answer questions by phone or email

newy Thu 16-Aug-07 18:19:41

thanks alot for the posts. Have a bjorn active which the DH takes DS out in when walking dog but I seem to get a bit tangled up in it. Will look at the other sites. Trying him in bebepod for short periods (minute or 2) with some support and is going a bit better. Maybe when he's a little older it will suit him better. (although he has my thighs so not sure if he will fit then! )

catuk1970 Mon 10-Sep-07 23:06:23

My 5 month old daughter has had a Bebepod for some weeks. She likes it best when she is most energetic (mornings) I have the tray attachment which I use to put a highchair toy (the one's with a sucker on the bottom) She loves this - I have her in the middle of the kitchen table while I am doing a few things keeping a very close eye on her of course. She lets me know when she has had enough and I respond straight away by taking her out. I have discovered the best ever babycarrier - The ergo carrier - its amazing. Was invented by an American Mum can be used fron birth - 4 years see and watch the online DVD You can purchase in UK from Cost £60 but so worth the money. I fold mine up and take it with me everywhere. I put her in the ergo and she settles straight away she is close to me but can still look about, when she falls asleep I just fasten the hood. When she is hungry I loosen the straps to lower her and she latches on. The hood keeps it private. I've walked around the supermarket doing my shopping while she has been feeding. As you child grows you move them to your back or hip.

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