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ABA therapist

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Mummy0ftwo12 Sat 12-Oct-19 23:02:40

Have you looked at Blue Sky Autism? they are in north London.

Mum2prince Sat 12-Oct-19 22:42:08


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Mum2prince Fri 11-Oct-19 17:55:36

Hi I'm looking for a ABA therapist for my son who is turning 3 in December. We live I Northwest London. Can anyone help me, or reccomend anyone. So far I have found 2 different companies, one with a waiting list for upto a year, and one that is ridiculously expensive.

Really need someone to help me as each day goes by I see my son needs more help than what I am currently giving him. He has no dx although he has started to say a few words SLT won't be any good to him and needs to work on attention, eye contact, pointing first (advice from very good private SALT). Just at lost for what to do now this is all new to me sad. Any help would be much appreciated x

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