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Lolly2803 Mon 07-Oct-19 21:00:23

Hi there
My DD is a fraternal twin. Age 2 and 3 months (was 7 weeks premature). She hasn’t been diagnosed but we think she is showing signs of autism (we are going through the process) but has been having S&L privately along with her twin for about 8 weeks now. She’s picked up stage 1 PECS.
The S&L therapist is amazing and shares my concerns.
- poor eye contact
- doesn’t always respond to name
- lack of shared enjoyment
- not bothered by other children
- no imaginative play
- some repetitive play

As a comparison her twin who is also having S&L now has some words and animal sounds and is learning new words every day. He brings things to be. Points to things and labels them when he can. He brings me books and toys. He pushing cars along and says Brm brm etc. Answers to instructions and his name. Looks to me for shared enjoyment.

Anyway. We are going to start ABA therapy with my DD and I’m wondering if anyone else has done this and how they found it. Did it help etc? If so how?
The S&L and ABA Consultant seem very positive about DD and the progress she’ll make.

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