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SimonHoward Tue 27-Aug-02 19:26:37

How many teeth is it normal for babies to have come through at once?

I'm asking as DW and I can feel what we thing are 4 molars and 4 front teeth getting ready and are a bit worried about the effect it will have on DD when they come through.

sister Tue 27-Aug-02 20:44:10

DD's gums will be very soft so some of the teeth will probably move back down in to the gum. I've never heard of a child having to deal with more than two teeth actually breaking through the gums at the same time.

batey Tue 27-Aug-02 21:06:00

My dd2 never got one tooth at a time! Always 2 or 3 and once 4 came out witin 2 days. needless to say she teethed BADLY and i'm glad it's almost over. Last 2 big 2nd molars to go!!!!

SofiaAmes Tue 27-Aug-02 21:23:59

My ds got his teeth in all the wrong order (molars before front teeth) and got 3 or 4 molars more or less at once. However he had no noticeable problems with teething other than lots of drooling. I think that like anything, although there is a norm, the reality can vary greatly from child to child. I wouldn't worry too much simon, as there is nothing you can do to stop the teeth coming in together if that's what they are going to do. If your dd does have some discomfort try nurofen. It shouldn't last more than a few days anyway.

Chinchilla Tue 27-Aug-02 21:43:15

And be prepared for a lack of interest in food for a few days. I had this last week, which did worry me a bit, but ds is back to shovelling food in again now!

Bozza Tue 27-Aug-02 21:46:20

How old is your DD? 8 teeth at once does seem a bit much. How many teeth has she already got? It maybe that some of them will push their way through more quickly than others - lets hope so anyway.

lou33 Tue 27-Aug-02 23:30:34

My children always got a few coming at the same time, my oldest had 4 at once come through, and none of them had any trouble with teething.

Deborahf Tue 27-Aug-02 23:52:59

My dd is 11 months old and only got her first tooth two weeks ago. It was murder She spiked really high temperatures for about 24 hours, which was a little worrying - until I spoke to my mum. She informed me that I'd done exactly the same. Anyway, it's not too bad now. dd has now got two teeth (the small bottom ones) and I think the top two are ready to come in any time soon. So I'd better look out the calpol

SimonHoward Wed 28-Aug-02 07:54:19


DD is 6 months and since writing the entry on this thread DW has informed me that one of the molars has started to come through. This will be her first tooth

I'm a bit concerned as one of my bothers had his molars come through first, very quickly one after the other and they came through so fast they actually ripped his gums up. I'm hoping this doesn't happen to DD.

Bozza Wed 28-Aug-02 09:24:04

That sounds a bit nasty Simon - hopefully DD won't be so extreme. I thought my DS was finally going to get his second molars this week but the symptons turned out to be a stinking cold. Still the same effect for me though - up half the night!

Joe1 Wed 28-Aug-02 09:58:49

Ds has always had two to four teeth come through at once. Not particularly upset about it but went off food for a good week or so and had slight temp which would effect his ezcema. The last two have just broken for a while I hope.

Jasper Wed 28-Aug-02 14:47:01

Simon, don't worry. It is not that unusual for a molar to come through first, or for lots of teeth to come in at once.
The eruption sequence and dates you will find in the books are pretty much a work of fiction.

weesagirl Sat 11-Jun-05 20:01:20

My DD is exibiting all the signs of teething at 13 weeks - isn't this too early?

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