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21 month talking worries

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rubyroot Sun 06-Oct-19 20:16:34

So he says about 20 words. Mainly one syllable and about ten of those words begin with b. The end of the words are often not sounded out properly eg. Nightnight etc. He knows mama and dada and uses it but won't shout it really or use it much to get attention. He has gone from knowing about 4 words at 18 months to currently 20 now so he is a late talker. Is this normal? Should I be worried. His understanding and following instructions is absolutely fine and he recognises loads of words and commands. He has only really just started copying sounds such as coughs and sneezes etc.

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regiftingthelot Sun 06-Oct-19 22:02:04

By two it's normally 50 words they should be able to say. I'd say you're on track, as these can come really quickly. If they say a word incorrectly you just repeat it correctly and they learn from that. For example my DS always started a new word just saying part of a word like "Bi" then I'd say the whole word back "Biscuit" You can also simplify your speech to help them pick up words ( less is more) so rather than "Oh wow DS look at that big brown cow." You just point " Cow" or " Look Cow" Then as his word count increases you add the detail. It's a tricky one as of course they understand sentences, but it's so they learn the key words.

This will help

rubyroot Sun 06-Oct-19 22:34:26

@regiftingthelot I'm doing all the things I should be doing, I think. To be honest, I think you do those things naturally anyway, so no need to read the NHS guidelines. It's kind of obvious to repeat, simplify and correct etc. We do a lot of reading, pointing at items in books, talking to him, pointing at things in real life etc. It just feels like it's quite slow going.

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AladdinMum Mon 07-Oct-19 14:16:36

He doesn't seem to be very delayed; at 18M only 8 words are expected and this includes approximations and animal sounds, so 20 words at 21M does no sound very delayed. At 2.5Y you would expected 50% of words to be understood by strangers, at 21M there is no expectations on pronunciation (it is all about acquiring words and not about pronunciation).

regiftingthelot Mon 07-Oct-19 15:11:37

🧐 what were you asking on your post then ? You say you are doing the right things and he sounds fine. But part of being a parent is learning along the way, and the NHS info has a link to ICAN which is a great source of info on speech development.

So are you hoping for people to say yes he's delayed? I would say at this point he really isn't? Do not worry, I mean that in a kind way.

Your DS will be assessed by the Health Vistor at his 2 year check which is usually done around 27/28 months and if you have concerns then you can ask for some professional support. If you have other concerns like hearing or other areas of development then contact your HV or GP and discuss now. Then they can take a view on whether they need to see any other professionals before the two year check.

rubyroot Mon 07-Oct-19 15:22:26

@regiftingthelot i was asking if people thought it was normal and if they thought he was delayed. Sorry I didn't mean to seem ungrateful re your post and am grateful for advice, but we do all the right things which I think are mainly intuitive. That's all I was saying.

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