18 month old not talking

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MissConductUS Mon 07-Oct-19 13:30:03

My son was language delayed and his pediatrician noticed it at about 2 years. She referred him to a speech therapist for testing and then therapy. It was a lot of work to get him up to speed and hampered his reading when he started school. He's fine now but it's worth taking seriously.

AladdinMum Mon 07-Oct-19 13:22:51

No words at 18M is not concerning as speech delays are common, however not following any instruction can be concerning. At 18M you would expect them to following simple instructions like close the door, give me the book (if they are holding it), turn the page, etc. A 9 in the MCHAT at 18M is high and concerning so following up with you GP is the right thing to do.

carolina21 Sun 06-Oct-19 15:28:55

Thank you 😊

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ForeverBaffled Sun 06-Oct-19 13:22:59

That sounds like a good plan. Whatever happens you’re all going to be okay.

carolina21 Sun 06-Oct-19 12:28:06

Hi yes I think I'm concerned .
I've taken the online test scores 9 so high risk .

I will follow up with health visitor and doctor this week.

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ForeverBaffled Sun 06-Oct-19 11:38:21

I think not talking can be very typical and lots of children have language delays. The lack of understanding, lack of gestures (like pointing) and poor name response are more concerning as these aren’t usually compromised in typical language delays.

Are you concerned about ASD? I only ask because you mentioned the spinning wheels (although this is really common and not a concern in isolation.) If so maybe try completing the MCHAT screener? You can find it online.

inspector1983 Sun 06-Oct-19 10:27:51

Mine is same age and not talking but babbles loads and he does answer to his own name


carolina21 Sat 05-Oct-19 22:20:12

Thank you for reply

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NoKnit Sat 05-Oct-19 22:14:44

Completely normal, don't worry at all. Mine wasn't talking until he was way over 2

carolina21 Sat 05-Oct-19 17:54:21


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carolina21 Sat 05-Oct-19 16:16:33

Hi I wonder if anyone could help , my 18 month old babbles but doesn't say any words or response to name or follow instructions ?

Is this normal ?

I'm waiting for review with health visitor but getting very worried .

Lots of eye contact , but likes to spin wheels around a lot

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