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Baby led weaning - Advice?

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LJSY Fri 04-Oct-19 19:43:01

I would like to try BLW, my dd is coming up 6 months this month.
I’m just worrying about the likelihood of choking?
The book i’m reading talks about the gag reflex and that choking is rare but when you’re giving them foods that we eat, e.g a toast finger, surely a piece big enough to choke on could be bitten off?
Or even something soft like banana? Can babies choke on that?
Might be stupid questions but just wondered if anyone could offer advice?

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Kokapetl Sat 05-Oct-19 12:15:03

When babies feed themselves choking is very rare. They tend to spit out bits that are too big for them to process and gag if food gets too far back when they are unprepared.

There are a few things to do to reduce risk such as cutting up foods like grapes, cherry tomatoes and large blueberries. These are otherwise the worse shape for slipping down and blocking the airway. The other thing is to really let them put the food in their own mouth. Don't do it for them and don't let anyone else ("helpful" older child!) do it for them either. Also watch them at all times- choking is silent.

LJSY Sat 05-Oct-19 18:44:01

Thanks very much for your advice!

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Stealthtoast Sun 06-Oct-19 22:51:18

The food both my children struggled with was raw apple, until about 18 months - I think because of how it breaks when you bite it. They always gagged and spat it out though! Everything else, both solid stuff they feed themselves and mashed food I fed them (lumpy not smooth!) went down fine

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