Should I be worried?

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shas19 Fri 04-Oct-19 12:48:36

My daughter is now 19months. Absolutely into everything, has all her teeth pretty much, been walking since just before her 1st birthday. I noticed from a baby that she had bowed legs and thought they would straighten but they're still so bowed. She hasn't got very good balance either and walks with her feet inwards. I went to the drs and he pretty much fobbed me off with shes still young so I'll be visiting the hv. Is there anything they can do for her legs if there is a problem? Also, she doesn't speak or eat hardly. She can say mum and dad and point and things and understands everything you tell her. But no matter how hard we try to get her to speak she just wont! The eating is very frustrating! If she could she would solely survive on milk. She will pick at things but will not eat a meal. Say last night for example, I gave her chicken, sweetcorn and sweet potato mash. She ended up eating beans off ds plate. Drs yet again fobbed me off saying she looks healthy etc but I just wish shed eat. Weve tried cutting down the milk and still she wont eat. Is she just fussy or is something else?

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