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Follow on milk question

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LJSY Fri 04-Oct-19 12:20:35

My 6 month old is exclusively BF and refuses expressed milk from a bottle. Has anyone had any similar problems and had any success with getting baby to take follow on milk or maybe formula?
Not stopping BF just want to be able to leave her for longer that an hour or two!

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dementedpixie Fri 04-Oct-19 12:29:59

I would maybe try first milk rather than follow on. Buy a few cartons rather than a big tub

LJSY Fri 04-Oct-19 13:02:07

Hi dementedpixie

Just put it in a bottle and warm? Any particular one you would recommend?


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dementedpixie Fri 04-Oct-19 13:04:29

They're all much the same so whichever you try should be ok. Yes, pour into the bottle and warm if required. Mine used to drink the premade stuff at room temperature

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