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Recommend books about managing toddler behaviour

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RobinsNest17 Thu 03-Oct-19 11:52:32

Having just had to leave a playgroup because of the most epic tantrum (which continued for another 30 minutes after we left the group), I was hoping someone might be able to recommend a book to help me understand toddler behaviour/development and provide guidance on how to best handle it.

My son is 21 months and I really need to get a better grip of how to positively manage his tantrums, as I'm expecting another baby to arrive in a couple of months time!

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RobinsNest17 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:16:07

hopeful bump

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Sipperskipper Sun 06-Oct-19 07:40:16

Couple of book recommendations-

How to talk so little kids will listen
The whole brain child
Unruffled (by Janet Lansbury, also does a great podcast with the same title)

Good luck!

RobinsNest17 Mon 07-Oct-19 19:06:06

Thank you @Sipperskipper smile

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MeadowHay Tue 08-Oct-19 08:55:27

I don't know your child's personality but if you think they are particularly 'intense' in general, I'm currently reading Raising Your Spirited Child which is super interesting.

AladdinMum Tue 08-Oct-19 09:40:27

Did you know/was it obvious why he had a tantrum? and if so, is the issue not why he has the tantrums but how to manage them?

RobinsNest17 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:59:57

Thank you for the suggestion @MeadowHay , yes I'd describe him that way.

@AladdinMum the reasons for the tantrums are because he is stopped from doing what he wants to. However what he wants is usually unsafe or unsuitable (running across a road, eating nothing but cake, climbing on furniture). He's too young to understand why he can't do these things so I need to address his response rather than the cause of the tantrums.

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