Typical routine for 12 month old

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Davara19 Thu 26-Sep-19 08:01:40

Hi mums just looking to know what kind of routine your little ones have. My wee boy is almost 12 months and is starting childcare soon and just want to see if there’s anything i should prepare him for? He gets up about 8am has his 6oz bottle then may go over to sleep for 45 mins around 10. He gets lunch (pancakes or spoon feed) round 12.30 then goes for a nap around 2-3.30. Tea is usually small spoon feed and 6oz bottle at 5 and then he gets supper and 6oz bottle at 8pm and sleeps all night. I use SMA pro no.2 and just wondering when do u cut down another bottle or move onto SMA 3 for 12 months + or normal milk??? TIA xx

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